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Native American Indian Chief

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Rare and old one-of-a-kind vintage Indian chief figurine. If you're a collector of Southwestern items this will be a great addition to your collection from ours.

Vintage Native American Indian Chief Figurine

The gorgeous Indian chief is shown seated, legs crossed, Trailer Warbonnet descending in a long trail towards the ground. Feathers are painted in red, green, yellow, blue & red. Warbonnets or War Bonnets were important ceremonial regalia worn only by chiefs and warriors.

Our Indian chief is wearing turquoise necklace, fringed buckskin leather outfit, Mukluks (footwear)  and with Calumet (peace pipe) held with both hands. His skin is brown with strong red tone.

From looking & close examination at the piece. *It's hollow and was casted in what looks, feels & sounds like plaster. The figure does not have any visible brand, artist name or date. Estimated year of production will be 1977 but cannot guarantee this information to be accurate.

The figurine is old and with signs of use as it shows some chips adding some character. The detail is exquisite as well as the colorful hand painting. At the bottom base features felt fabric/paper in green color.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, if you're not happy we'll accept your return.

The description provided is to the best of our knowledge. If you feel you need any other information or additional pictures just contact us.

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